Why working in Nanoimmunotech?


Why working in Nanoimmunotech?

We are leaders in the Nanobiotecnology field, working on diagnostic solutions that will make the difference in future global innovation. Nanoimmunotech employee’s skills and backgrounds are diverse. Although we work in three different locations in Spain (Vigo, Zaragoza and Madrid), our enthusiasm and constant communication between each department makes the company function as a “perfect machine”. A career with Nanoimmunotech means you can put your passion into practice and leave a mark. Find out what differentiates Nanoimmunotech and what we have to offer our employees. Our activity, from R&D, through to manufacturing, marketing and sales, offers the potential for you to experience areas of the business outside your initial skill set, meaning our employees benefit from expanding job opportunities as the company grows.



Position description:

The successful candidate will contribute to develop a broadly-applicable biological sensor and diagnostic device. He/she will work with a collaborative team of researchers on developing of biosensor devices.


Required Experience:

Previous work experience regarding surface chemistry, bioconjugation methodologies and bioassays applied to biosensing, is essential. Scientific understanding of optics and fluidics is preferred.


Specific skills and qualifications:

Excellent documentation, analytical, communication and inter-personal skills.


Publication date: 8th January 2018.